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It’s time to create the life you deserve.

Welcome to the most courageous step of therapy – looking for help and support.

Given the economic, political and workplace stress in the world today plus the demands and responsibilities we have to partners, parents, children and community it’s no wonder we often feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed.

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life according to how we think we’re “supposed” to, without realising that it doesn’t really work for us.

Reluctantly, we admit that making excuses, avoiding, complaining, blaming others, sabotaging, working harder, eating more, consuming more alcohol, more pills, more party drugs … whatever… doesn’t make any difference……We still find ourselves in very unhappy and confused places in our lives.

We all have potential for change and sometimes need a guide to help us through the obstacles in our way.

Therapy is a place to identify these obstacles and change the patterns that keep us from having the life we want.

I use a variety of tools and strategies, depending upon the type of growth and change that best suits each person.

Different therapy techniques are designed for specific outcomes. For example, some techniques are designed to help eliminate or change unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving.

Some techniques are designed to provide education so that people can have accurate information to make healthy decisions.

Other techniques are designed to help people gain a deeper understanding of the patterns of their life, and how earlier events and relationships continue to influence them in the present day

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

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