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Sharyn is a trauma -sensitive, accredited mental health social worker  (B.S.W. M.A.A.S.W) with decades of clinical and lived experience.  She has postgraduate qualifications in child and adolescent psychotherapy and couple and family therapy.  Sharyn has worked in a wide range of settings and has been in private practice for fifteen years.  She combines years of training with the latest research to offer sound, practical guidance to help make sense of the challenges life in the 21st century presents.  Sharyn loves what she does and considers it a privilege to be with people as they share their stories, experiences + perspectives.

Her approach to therapy is one of  warmth, curiosity and connection and is underpinned in modern attachment, neuroscience and complex trauma. Sharyn encourages humour, creativity and self-compassion and supports  self-reflection in a safe environment. Sharyn is an aficionado of yoga, meditation, travel, listening to podcasts and teaching her four-legged assistants self regulation techniques.

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Our early childhood experiences create a template for the way we relate to ourselves and others.

Recognizing how we really feel about ourselves is very complex.

I think of our “selves“ like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle….  we have a myriad of parts but the picture we see has been influenced by how others want us to be or how we want others to see us. 

Just a few examples so you can get the idea....
  • We have difficulty admitting we made a mistake.

  • We put aside our interests and do what others want.

  • We're afraid to express our anger in case we get rejected.

  • We accept sexual attention when we really want love.

  • We don’t even know what we are feeling.

  • We have difficulty making decisions.

  • We avoid expressing feelings for fear of showing our vulnerability.

  • We use humour and isolation to mask our pain.

  • We label other people with the same negative thoughts we have about ourselves……

Other issues which might be causing you concern........

Over reacting to situations, lack of
motivation. finding it difficult to relax,
feeling left out, comparing yourself to others, difficulties at work, life transitions, unable to have an objective perspective.

Relationship and communication difficulties, parenting and child rearing differences, secrecy and betrayal, intimacy and  trust , blended families, family of origin issues, beliefs and values,  gender diversity, neurodiversity and identity

Substance abuse , addiction, shame and worthlessness, sense of hopelessness, self-destructive behaviours, nightmares, flashbacks. lack of concentration, insomnia, loss of sense of sense of “who I am",

Coming to therapy is a way to give meaning to the pieces and  puts them together to make  a picture that reflects the best version of yourself! It's never too late to be who you were meant to be!

Please contact me  on 0468 922 907

For fees and current availability (face to face in Potts Point, online/phone sessions )
As an accredited Mental Health Social Worker I can provide a Medicare Rebate. 

You will need to see your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan.

I also see clients who are eligible for counselling via Victims Services and

PSS (Psychological Support Services)

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