My Approach – How I work

I recognize that each of us is unique – consequently no ‘one size therapy’ fits all. We will work together in a way that is best suited for your specific needs. I approach our work from a strengths based, person-centered perspective. I look to instil a sense of hope and empowerment in my clients to facilitate the recognition that you are capable of creating positive experiences in your life. Most importantly, I can help you move towards a future rather than just get over the past.

I was trained in psychodynamic therapy, which simply means I help people develop an understanding as to why they feel and behave in the way they do- the more we understand, the less likely we are to act in a damaging way.

I have also done training in systemic therapy, which focuses on the effect all relationships have on us, and, in turn what effect we have on relationships. So, rather than looking at situations as a “cause and effect” I look at it in a more circular way. For example if someone is depressed, is that because they are having relationship issues or, are the relationship issues a result of the person being depressed?

How long will it take?

Therapy is a collaborative process, and we will discuss what amount of time is right for you.

I’ve worked with people who have clearly stated from the beginning that they only wanted help with a specific issue (e.g. leaving a relationship) for a set number of sessions.

I’ve also had the experience of people starting therapy “short-term” and staying for several years!  Some people know upfront they want a longer-term therapy.

Throughout our time together, we will periodically review what’s working and what’s not, whether it is meeting your needs and how long it should last.